Host API functions (GetSecurityParameters)

Host API functions (GetSecurityParameters)


A few question regarding AMT Host API interface.

1. I am
having troubles calling to GetSecurityParameters function from Host API interface. This
function is still available in latest HECI drivers?


Version : CO96510J.86A.5773.2007.0206.0046

Flash :

: 2.1.0

AMTApps :


Sku : 0

: 8086

Number : 1028

Version : 2.1.0

Build Num : 1028

Mode : False



Status =

2. What
is the best way to detect programmatically whether the local hardware is AMT
capable or not? I need a function that can say that this PC is AMT enabled even
when HECI driver is not installed or AMT features disabled in BIOS.


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For the first question,

1 - I make a call to GetSecurityParameters when I first get Intel AMT Outpost connected to HECI thru LMS. In fact, much of the data I get in that first Outpost screen comes from that call. I have not seen any problems with it. Are you sure you have LMS running?

2 - This has been a previous asked question. Looking at past mails, I found this answer:

I believe it is possible by using the HECI driver to communicate with the AMT. This would be similar to the behavior of the MEInfo tool which returns 2 different results based on whether the machine has ME with AMT mode selected or not.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

Thanks, Ylian

1. The LMS might was not installed but i though that it is only HECI is required to use functions from Host API interface.

2. Where can I find this "MEInfo tool"? I've tried google and Intel site search but without success.

1. LMS is a Windows service that forwards SOAP requests on port 16992 and 16993 to HECI commands that go to AMT. If you don't have LMS running, you may be able to talk to AMT using HECI directly, but I have never tried it.

2. I never used that tool, maybe it's avaialble under a different name. I could go to and there, you will find code to talking to HECI. I don't have much information on this, if anyone else on the forum has info, please speak up.


Thanks, Ylian.

MEInfo is in a intel tools distribution. Mine is in a folder named...

iAMT_2.5.0.1074iAMT ToolsMEInfo

I do not know how to tell you where to get this from. The Intel factory rep that supports us gave us the tools to use to test with. You might try asking someone working with iAMT at theIntel factory/support personif they can find this for you. I am thinking that there is some sort of iAMT project support person at Intel that can help you... you'll just have to find the right person.

I will be glad to send you a copy of the tool if we can find someone at Intel who sez it is ok to do so.

As John mentioned in his email, the right thing to do is contact the correct Intel support person for the tool. The tool is not meant for distribution and also has dependencies on the version of the AMT firmware that is being used.

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