Shared AMT memory?

Shared AMT memory?

Is the HECI interfacea shared memory interface that both AMT and Memory can access? If so could we poke a memory location and get data back from RAM?



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Hello Grant,

If I understand your question, the answer would be "no." The Storage interface enables local and remote access to the Non-Volatile memory on Intel AMT systems in all power states (this storage is in the firmware.) The NVM can be used to store information such as Hardware Inventory or Software Inventory, and other information which can then be accessed when the system is not running. The NVM also requires that the user running the Storage APIs must have administrator / access priviledges. You can read more about the NVM in the Storage Design Guide.pdf in the Intel AMT SDK which is downloadable from the Manageability Community web page.

Did this answer your question?

Gael is correct,

In addition. Intel AMT does make use of RAM from the first bank of memory in the system for normal operations (running the Intel AMT software). This is why Intel AMT will not work is no RAM is in the first slot.

The RAM Intel AMT uses for execution is not visible to the operating system and so, no, you would not be able to have access to it.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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