IDE-R using AMT RDK Utility Application

IDE-R using AMT RDK Utility Application


I have been trying RDK Utility Application for IDE-R, but its not working, when I click the Establish Session Button in the IDER section, a command prompt windows pops up and show this error messege.

D:SohaibAMTSDKsRDK Utility Application package dkwhole_image>c_execRedire
ctionWrapper.exe admin Admin$44 -clienttype TCP -floppy a: -cdrom e

IMR result is: Session Closed.
Error: failed to Open IDER Session.

IMR result is: Session Closed.
Error: faild Getting IDER State.
Error : IMR_IDERGetDeviceState : res : 0xc
PT_STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR: An internal error in the Intel AMT device has occur

IDER is working with AMT Commander.

- Sohaib.

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Hi Sohaib,

The AMT Commander does do things like enable the correct ports - you can look at the Redirection document in the SDK to find what you would need to do in order to enable SOL/IDE-R sessions on your system. If all that has been done and the RDK still doesn't work use the AMT Commander.

Here is a link to one of my blogs regarding the various tools that are available and when to use them.

Hi Gael,

I am doing exactly same as written in Intel AMT RDK User Guide. The user guide has screen shots for command prompt, the utility application is generating the same command. SOL is working perfect.

Has any one successfully done IDE-R with utility application, if yes, then there can be problem on my side.

- Sohaib

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