Sample SCA vs SCS

Sample SCA vs SCS

Hi all,

Sample SCA = Sample setup and configuration Application (provided in Inte AMT SDK)

SCS = Setup and Configuration Service

Does any one uses sample SCA in large environments, I studied how sample SCA works and about its configuration settings, I was going to use Sample SCA, then I heard of SCS, SCS looks more managed and may be easier to use in large environments.

Now I want to know whether its good to use SCA, the deployment environment has a few thousand nodes.

- Sohaib

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I started writing a response and decided to turn it into a blog (link below.) For an answer to your question, whether you use the SCA or the SCS will be depend on how you want your provisioning server to be designed. SCS would be the easiest in terms of integrating into your application, but you might find it a tad restrictive in terms of what other components must be used in order to take advantage of it. SCA would require more heavy-lifting but you would be able to tailor your provisioning to suit your needs (if the SCS does not already do this.)

I hope this helps

Thanks Holmes, it helped.

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