remote reimage

remote reimage

Is it possible to reimage a machine remotely using AMT I know u can reboot using IDER , but how would u reimage a machine?

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Hi Sree,

Thanks for the question.

You can certainly re-image a system using Intel AMT. You would need to establish an IDE-R session to boot to a image similar to BartPE ( has plug-in for Norton Ghost that can be used to re-image a system. BartPE is just an example but you can certainly use other ISO images that will let you re-image a system.

There are certain limitations when you are doing an IDE-R/SOL session with AMT. Redirection in graphical mode is not supported currently, so you would need to use an image that can be operated in text mode (non-graphical) for remote re-imaging. WinPE is another popular tool for re-imaging but it needs to be configured to run in non-graphical mode.

Hope this helps.


I know at least two options how to reimage (and here I mean reinstall) client AMT-enabled host.

1)Using Microsoft RIS + PXE + Remote Control Operations
2)Using Unnatended installation disk (say XPSP2).

  • Prepare ISO image from the unattended XPSP2 installation disk.
  • Open IDER session using this ISO image
  • Open SOL session
  • Reboot AMT host with 'boot from IDER CD' + SOL option
  • Observe in terminal window SOL redirects all information from the 'almost automatic' XPSP2 installation proccess.

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