Any Linux image that works fine with IDE-R and SOL?

Any Linux image that works fine with IDE-R and SOL?


Does anyone konw any linux image that works fine with IDE-R and SOL?
All the images I am using now have the same problem: stop printing messages after beginning to boot.

Does anyone encounter the same problem with me?

Thanks a lot.

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Could you check a few things before I escalate this? For the 2.1 SDK, you should be using: (See User's guide)

Operating System

  • Linux RedHat EL3.0 (remote interface only)
  • Linux RedHat EL4.0 (remote interface only)

Have you gone through the IDE-R documentation provided with the SDK? (Redirection Library User Guide.pdf) There is some discussion on Linux in this doc.

Note: We do not provide the IDE-r source so you cannot rebuild it for your specific Linux version.


Hi Gael,

Thanks for your reply.
But maybe my question is not clear enough, let me clarify:

When I using AMT IDE-R and SOL to boot a remote AMT client with a Linux rescue boot image, I can not receive any message through SOL after the image beginning to boot.

What I want to konw is: Is there any Linux rescue boot image which can keep sending messages to SOL while booting?



I think I have found the cause.
The reason why the Linux boot image stop sending message to the SOL terminal is because the image isn't configured to send message to the serail console.
And to enable the boot image to do so, we have to pass some params to the boot image when it begins to boot.
More details please refer to this link:



Hi Shibing,

I also just got a little more feedback from one of our experts:You shouldcheck when the images move to graphics mode. SOL redirection of text only works in text mode.



This is a common problem with many boot images and not just linux. Here is the problem, SOL only works correctly if the client systems programs are working in pure text mode. The problem is that many so called text modes are not really pure text mode but use extended graphics functions that do not seem to be supported by SOL. You can see this by trying to monitor a remote installation of windows, the text reaches a point just before the area where you get to select the partition to install to and then stops transmitting.

I have also noticed this problem tohappen whenever an application runs in "protected mode" this is very technical, but the short version is: DOS is mostly "real mode" and linux is "protected mode" for more information on the diferences please see

Perhaps the guys at Intel can expain why SOL stops working correctly in these conditions. I may even be wrong about all of this, but it is what my personal experience has indicated.

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