WSDL and Soap Files

WSDL and Soap Files

The c++ samples provided with SDK have makewsdl.bat file that generates c/++ headers and source files that can be included with a project.

For example, for an interface "admin", the files:

(a) "adminInterface.h",

(b) "adminSoapBinding.nsmap",


(d) "soapClient.cpp",

(e) "soapH.h",

(f) "soapadminSoapBindingProxy.h", and

(g) "soapStub.cpp"

Files (c), (d), (e), & (g) have the same name regardless of the interface. This is painful when deciding to use multiple interfaces, since multiple files in the project would have the same name.Is there a flag we can add to the stdsoap2.exe or wsdl2h.exe calls that will generate interface specific names for these files?


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Hello - I'm pinging our SOAP expert.

While Gael is geting an answer from out SOAP experts, I do want to say that in generating C# classes, I did run into colisions. Many times, I had identical types defined at different places and I had to comment types out of some generated classes. In one case, the name was the same but the type was really different and so, I have to rename a type. I wonder if a solution exists in .NET, I was lazy and fixed up the generated classes on my own.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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