Difficulty registering Agent Presence Agent

Difficulty registering Agent Presence Agent


I was talking with a colleague who is having difficulty implementing agent presence. Any suggestions on how to resolve the issue (described below):

When I attempt to register a sample for agent presence, I get a failure "Soap Error 22." This happens when I'm using the C++ Agent Sample and I call watchdog register in order to register it.

Any ideas what could be causing this problem?


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Could you please have them verify two things:

1. They have changed their admin password to being a "strong" password? and

2. When they enter the command for the sample, are they adding the following to the command?

-user admin -pass

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I have registered agent without a problem, I cannot run SampleAgent that sends a heartbeat. I am runningthis onmy development machine (not an AMT) and was able to register an agent remotely.Do I need to run SampleAgent on AMT machine?

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AgentSample runs locally on your AMT Client and you would run AgentPresenceConsole from your Management Console. If I remember correctly you should use localhost in place of the IP in the AgentSample call.

Also, make surethe AMT system'sfirewall isn't enabled.

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The ip address itself will be fine for the agent sample local code.

You do not have to use localhost or

The agentsample code uses the same target url as the other samples in the sdk...

I use this...

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