Intel AMT SCS Console : login failed, Bad request http status 400

Intel AMT SCS Console : login failed, Bad request http status 400


i want to connect to a provisionning server with Intel AMT SCS Console 1.2 from a remote PC. The connection failed with the error : Login Faile Reason : the request failed with HTTP status 400 : Bad request.

The connection is running form the console installed on the server itself.

A CA standalone is installed on the provisionning server and I installed a certificat on my remote PC.

Have some one an idea to resolve my problem ?



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Just so we understand:you are trying to use the SCS web services interface from your own application, without using the SCS Console? What call are you trying to make?



The provisioning server is installed on a virtual server machine. The SCS Console is installed onmy PC and I want to connect to the provisioning server with the SCSconsole.

The connection failed with the error : "Login Failed , reason : the request failed with http status 400 : BAd request"

When i try to connect to the provisioning server with the SCS Console installed on itself, the connection succeed.



Some things to check:

Http Status 400 sounds like you are not connecting with the correct URL. Can you ping the system that has SQL on it? (Is the firewall enabled?) Is the AMT Config service running on your system?

Also, here are some notes from the Installation and User's manual.

The platform running the SCS Service (the Main Service) must be registered in the DNS as "ProvisionServer". If there is more than one instance of the SCS running, then only one instance should be registered.

The registered SCS instance will receive all "Hello" messages and will pass processing to other instances if it is too busy to keep up with processing. If the registered instance of the service is stopped, for whatever reason, no processing will be done of new "Hello" messages, even when other instances of the service are running.

To register a server in the DNS as "ProvisionServer" when the server itself has a different hostname, add a CNAME (canonical name") record to the DNS. To do this with a Microsoft DNS server, open the MMC DNS branch, open the Forward Lookup Zones branch, right-click the entry for the server running the SCS, and select New Alias. Then enter "ProvisionServer as the alias name.

Hope this helps.


the service is running and the systemrespond. It's not the reason of the problem of the connexion. if somebody has an idea ... thanks

Hello YF,

You have mentioned that the SCS console is installed on your laptop and you are trying to connect to the provisioning server remotely.

Can you verify if the user name on your laptop is in the authorized list of users who can manage the AMT systems?

If the user account being used on your laptop is not in the authorized list, please try adding the user in the group of users that are authorized to manage AMT systems. You can find the procedure on how to add the users in the SCS installation and user manual PDF document.

Let us know if that worked for you. Thank you for using the forum.

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