OEM factory setup

OEM factory setup

Hello All

Some of our customer begin implementing vPro in their environment. Now he wont, that we set up the default administrator password, PPS, and PID for him (Our company is supplier of desktop to that customer).

Ok, in this moment Iam a beginner in vPro technologybut plan to get to known in detail. I found in pdf document "AMT Deploymen and Reference Guide" the proceduru for setting up and configuring AMT capabilities. My problem is relatet to OEM factory setup.

In chapter "Setup: Factory setup" write: The hardware vendor will typically use a factory firmware image tool or an ICT (in-cicuit test) tool to generate and configure PID and PPS values into a flash device. The tool keeps a databse of values (UUID, MACs, PID, PPS) that are burned into the flash device. At the end of a production run (or at appropriate intervals), the tool uploads its databese of values onto CD wich must be delivered to customer where hi import those valuse into their databse .

Her iswhat I misunderstand. What is factory firmware image tool or ICT tool?Ithink we use ourCS (configuration service)server to generatepassword, PPS and PID wich then are exported and delivered to customer.

Any information or advice are welcom and many thanks in advance.


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Hi Ivan,

Please let us know how many computers you are planning to setup. If it is just a few, I recommand you setup the computers manualy using the BIOS screen. If it is more, there is a way to setup Intel AMT using a USB key and I would recommand that. You would have to plug a USB key into the computer and turn it on. Intel AMT will read the settings.

If you are a large OEM and you install your own BIOS into the computers, than, you can use the firmware image tool to put values into the firmware before you load each computer's BIOS. I have never used the firmware image tool and so, I can't help you, but if you feel this is what you need, we can get you in touch with people at Intel that can help.

If you are a re-seller, and want to configure existing computers with Intel AMT settings manualy or with a USB key, etc. I can help.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)


I'm a reseller and I've been trying to find a way to automate
configuration of AMT.

It seems the most recent version of ITK does not allow for
configuration of AMT, so I was hoping you could she light on
how to use a USB key to configure AMT. Thanks in advance for
your help.

Best Regards,

Keith Deming


I don't know whatthe "ITK" is? I will be adding USB flash support in the Intel AMT DTK very soon; I will try to have it done by next week. When done, you will be able to use Intel AMT Director to generate a file that you put on a USB flash key. Then, you can connect it to a computer, turn it on and it will load basic settings from the USB key. The settings as very small, but will allow the computer to connect on the network and find Intel AMT Director who will send the rest of the settings.

In general, in big corporations,this is done by the customer. There is software from LanDesk and others or SCS from Intelthat help customers do this. Customers do this because it allows them to setup Intel AMT security with keys that no one else has. Make sure this is ok with your customer, because you may have all the keys to access Intel AMT on all their computers, and that may not be good.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

Ah, ITK is the Integrator's Tool Kit from Intel. It used to have support for configuring AMT while creating a custom BIOS, but they've recently removed it. The only settings I need to configure are the port and password.

I'll check back in next week sometime.



Ah! I never used the ITK, I hope someone else can help.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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