iamt wsdl files

iamt wsdl files


1)how can i add web reference(and generate classes) by this way ->

wsdl /l:csharp /n:KW /path:http://iamt_device_ip_address/remotecontrolservice.asmx?sdl

now i got only "HTTP 404: Object Not Found."

2)i need such a way because application that normally running on our iamt devices not working on customer's devices. and wsdl files from iamt sdk the same. and iamt verions(bios etc) the same.

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Hi - thanks for using our forum - just letting you know that we are checking into this.

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I can't directly answer your question since I code in C# and not C/C++. By I did want to say that if you are using an Intel AMT 1.0 computer and trying to make call to functions that are for Intel AMT 2.0, it will return a 404 error. Maybe this is happenning to you. The Intel AMT 2.1 SDK will work great with Intel AMT 1.0 computers, but you can't make calls to functions that do not exist.

Hope this helps,
Ylian (My Intel AMT Blog)

i'm too in c#(rarely in c/c++)...

problems not in functions call, but in generating classes - i can create this classes from sdk wsdl files, but cannot create by means http from iamt device(i.e. "add web reference" in vs2005 and use iamt device ip address as source or by wsdl utility)

You could just use the C# classes I generated from the WSDL files. Just get the Intel AMT DTK sample source, I generated all the classes and added some important code that will help you a lot, it's all in C#. I also have a complete implementation of the serial-over-LAN terminal and more.

I did use the "wsdl.exe" tool myself to generate the C# classes, but when putting them all in the same project, some names collided and I have to fix a few things. I also added auto-retry code in the generated classes because sometime calls fail for no good raison. In the end, I really recommand you check out the DTK source code, it's going to save you lots of trouble.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

we don't need use prepared(sd, dtk etc!) wsdl files, we need in creating classes from web service itself(asmx files)!

Ok, so I am of no help. Gael, I hope you can look into this one.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

Hi, I am new to this site and I do not have a question regarding iAMT wsdl files.

What has prompted me to write is your statement "sometimes calls fail for no

good reason". I was curious if you would care to elaborate on the "no

good reasons" for which we might experience communications failures.

For example, if one tries to communicate to the ME with one console,

all the while another console periodically cycles the machine into

and back out of a supported power state (one where the ME remains powered up),

one -will- experience communications failure to the ME. It does

not matter that the new power state transitioned to is supposed

to keep the ME alive... apparently the gaurantee stops before the power transition,

and is not in effect (the garauntee that is) until after the power transition is completed...

whichkind of sounds reasonable I suppose... although power never really goes away...

proof being the machine is stillrunning uninterrupted... so what is the

no good reason for this interrupted communications to the ME... does it

get powered down every time we transition from one state to another?

Hi John,

I can certainly explain. Intel AMT Commanders WSDL generated files have code to retry every web services calls 3 times. This is because many have noticed that occasionally, a web services call would return a connection closed error. I suspect this issue is not power state related, rather, Intel AMT reports to be an HTTP/1.1 web server, but does not support pipelined requests. If 3 requests are made, .NET will open an HTTP session and send all 3 requests expecting the responses in the same order. Instead, Intel AMT responds with the first answer and closes the connection. At this point, something must be going wrong and some of the requests get a connection closed error. Maybe Intel AMT should really report itself to be an HTTP/1.0 web server to fix this.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

I am not using Commander... so your explaination does not apply.

Could you please try again?



I should have mention that my previous mail applys to all .NET based applications. I am not sure what your question is. If you are saying that sometime, Intel AMT will drop web services calls during power cycles, it would not surprise me. I know that it will drop web services calls when it's resetting it's network stack. This occurs when the OS releases it's IP address.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

ok... I'll copy and paste the last sentence into here... perhaps standing

alone it will be more obvious...

Regardingthe reason the communications is interrupted to the ME...

(cut-n-pasted from my previous post...)

"does it get powered down every time we transition from one state to another?"

Allow me to rephrase it to "sometimes calls fail for a good reason"...

On Averill, if there is a power down or power cycle, a PHY reset will occur. This causes a link loss and therefore connections can get closed. We recommend ISV to use reset rather than power cycle on Averill. I expect this to be fixed in future AMT versions.

Thanks for answering that Jia-Shing, also, sorry for not spotting the question.

I have noticed that when I do "ipconfig /release", there is a PHY reset on Broadwater boards. Jia-Shing is correct about reset of power state changes.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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