SQL account created during SCS install

SQL account created during SCS install

I am using the SCS release 1.2 that is currently available for download from Intel.

The AMTConfServer.exe installation creates a user account in SQL with the name: AMTSCS_SCS_COMPUTERNAME_RANDOMCHAR

What is this account created for?

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Hi Fred,

Are you using a silent install script? If so please make sure of the following:

The scripts are actually included in the User Guide as Text that you can cut and paste to notepad.However, you have to be careful not to include any of the documents formatting and extra information.

We are wondering if youruser account name is wrong andyou need to edit the iss to include a user name inyour environment. The default text includes:

## Application user to add when installing the Database




Youneed to replace DOMAINuser withyour domain and legitimate user.We dont know howyou got AMTSCS_CSC_COMPUTERNAME_RANDOMCHAR. Looks like a parsing bug or something cause by the file not being edited correctly.

I hope this helps,


I'm not using a silent install script. I am following the installation guide PDF included with the exe.

The SQL account that gets created is AMTSCS_SCS_COMPUTERNAME_RANDOMCHAR

Where COMPUTERNAME is the name of your computer along with the domain (ex. name.domain.com) and RANDOMCHAR is 8 randomly generated characters (F+k7a5,u).


So no one else who installs this version of the SCShas a SQL account that gets created like this?

Ahhhhh! I was taking you literally. I just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotton your question and am trying to reproduce this.


Hi Fred,

First let me apologize for my delayed response. Yes, some of us have experienced the random user created by a set up and config app. But this is seen in the app that is included in up to the 2.1 Intel AMT SDK. This user seems to have something to do with communications/connections to the data base. The Intel SCS does not create these random user names.(not even in the 1.2 version as I am told) Can you verify that you were indeedrunning the SCS and not the app that is included in the SDK?



I am using the SCS not the SDK. I emailed the SMSAddOnSupport folks, who confirmed its creation and clarified other points of concern.

  • It is a user account created for queering the DB.
  • Password cant be changed.
  • Password is stored encrypted in the registry.
  • Account requires sysadmin privileges

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