Redirection and Storage errors with RDK

Redirection and Storage errors with RDK

I am trying to use the RDK (version on a windows machine and two of the features do not work. Redirection gives the following errors:
RedirectAccess: Exiting Initialize... IMR result is: Authentication Failed. Error: failed to open SOL Session. PT_STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR: An internal error in the Intel AMT device has occurred.

The Storage fails with the following error: Failed while calling
ISVS_RegisterApplicatoinEx, status: 0x1007

What do these errors mean? Am I using the RDK improperly?

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Please make sure you have enabled SOL and IDER in your AMT configuration in the BIOS MEBx extentions. Also you may have to open the SOL/IDER ports - to do this see the Redirection Library Design Guide in the SDK Docs folder: (also make sure you have set the admin password for the ATM client to be a strong password.) Enabling SOL/IDE-R in the BIOS Extension

The Intel AMT BIOS Extension Menu SOL/IDE-R menu item must be configured to enable the SOL /IDERcapabilities. If SOL and IDE-R are not enabled here, these capabilities cannot be enabled remotely.

Selecting the menu item displays three enable/disable selections. The first, to enable/disable username and password, determines whether the redirection interface can use a username and password to authenticate a remote SOL/IDE-R session. Disable limits the redirection interface to Kerberos authentication. The remaining two choices allow enabling/disabling SOL and IDE-R independently. Enabling the SOL and IDE-R Interfaces Remotely

Once the BIOS extension settings are correct, a user with administrative privileges must execute theSetEnabledInterfaces SOAP command remotely, with SerialOverLAN or IdeRedirection or both as parameters. See the Network Interface Guide for a description of this command. Enabling the Redirection Listener

The Redirection SOAP interface is used to enable the Intel AMT Redirection listener sockets. See the Network Interface Guide for a description of the SetRedirectionListenerState command. The RedirectionConfig Application is a sample program in the SDK that invokes this command.

Thank you for your help. Do you have a link or some sort of guidance on how to send SOAP commands? I am not really familiar with SOAP and the code that I have been looking at is not really helping. Is there a simple example of how to send an individual SOAP command to an AMT machine?

Have you had a chance to download our Intel AMT Software Development Kit? There are code samples in there for both Windows and Linux. Also, we have the AMT Developer's Tool Kit availalbe on our "Manageability" site as well, along with source.


Thanks. I have not downloaded the Developer's Tool Kit. I have one more question. What does it mean when I run the SDK redirection config sample and I am prompted with the following text: 'more?' ?

You should really try the Intel AMT DTK, of course, given that I am the author, I am also bias. Still, there is a white paper, tutorial videos andbetter support I think most would find the Intel AMT DTK to bea *little* better than the RDK.

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