Help me on Watch Dog.

Help me on Watch Dog.


I am facing one issue on watchdog option using IntelAMTOutpost.exe.

I am adding some process for watchdog, but status says "Not Existant"
actuall to say we added the process using monitored process menu only.

Give some info where can i get the Documentation on
Intel developerTool Kit(DTK).

Help on this would be great.

Thanks & Regards,

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Hi Ravi,

First off, I hear you and I am planning on writing a users manual for each of the tools in the Intel AMT DTK. It's not easy when people are asking for some many more features to stop and document, but I really have to.

Intel AMT Outpost will say "Not Existent" because you are trying to heartbeat a watchdog that does not exist in Intel AMT. Go on a separate computer and use Intel AMT Commander to log into that computer. Then, in the network tree, select the watchdog branch and create a new watchdog there with the same GUID. You will see Outpost immediately starting to heartbeat after that.

Hope it helps,
Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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