"Method not implemented" exception with ReApplyProfileSettings

"Method not implemented" exception with ReApplyProfileSettings

Hi again :)

When I use the SCS SOAP API function ReApplyProfileSettings for a specific amt system I get a "Method not implemented" exception with a code of 908. Is this method going to be implemented soon or is this a bug in my code somewhere?

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Hi Adrian,

Can you verify the following? (I could not find your error code in looking at the API in the SOAP API interface guide so I'm wondering if user permissions are not correct.)

Allowed User Roles

Enterprise Administrator,

Administrator only when operating on a single AMT


Im100% sure that I have enterprise administrator rights as whenI retrieve my my logged in users realm I get Enterprise Administrator. The error code Im getting can be found in the documentation under section 3.2.3 Return Codes CS_RET_METHOD_NOT_IMPLEMENTED 908.

This is what my code looks like. amtRecord is an instance of class AMTRecordEntry

AMTIDType amtId = new AMTIDType();
amtId.Type = AMTIDTypes.AMTIdUUID;
amtId.ID = amtRecord.UUID;

Hi Adrian,

I am noticing that you are calling the method with only one argument when it seems to require 2 ...(amtIdType, RequistIdResponse). the RequestIDResponse is where the return code would have been set. It sounds like you are getting a SOAP Fault instead. Have you tried using this method with the AMTID being null?

If the Id field in the AMTID is null, the operation will be applied to all AMTs.

void ReApplyProfileSettings (

[in, optional] AMTIDType AMTID

[out] RequestIDResponse Response

); throws SOAP Fault


That may be true for C++ code, but when u convert the WSDL to C#, the function definition looks as follows (Taken from the auto generated code)

public RequestIDResponse ReApplyProfileSettings(AMTIDType AMTID)

As you can see the [out] part becomes a return value. So the way Im calling it in C# is correct, I would get a compiler error otherwise. Any Ideas?

Yep. You are right on that one. Ok so, I have been digging into your question and have actually found someone that has access to the source code. This method, in fact,is not implemented yet, hence the error code. And we checked the up and coming release as well and it isn't implemented thereeither (we are checking to find out what the plans are in future releases.)

You may want to look at the following method: ReProvisionAMT(). This function reprovisions a single/All AMT instance(s). It will essentially reapply the Profile settings.

I hope this helps,


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