Intel AMT Outpost errors

Intel AMT Outpost errors

When usingIntel AMT Outpost on myIntel AMT Systembyinputtingmy user name andpassword i get the following error:

"Local connection to Intel AMT failed. Check that this computer supports AMT, drivers, & password."

WhetherI have installed any drivers in Intel AMT System, I don't know. If it requires drivers please provide me the linkto download and install.

I have one more question about"Intel AMT Commander". WhenI am trying to discover the Intel AMT it is not discovering, so i tried another way byaddingthe system manuallyand trying to connect, but at that time itdisconnects.

It is not working in the expected manner.Any help on this would be appreciated.

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Hi and thanks for using the Intel AMT DTK.

Of course, make sure your computer supports Intel AMT, generally, your computer should have a vPro sticker on it. Second, your computer's AMT needs to be setup with a password. Go in the BIOS and setup AMT in Small Buisness Mode,depending on your manufacturer, this process can change a little. ForIntel boards,default password is "admin" and you will be required to change it. Once done, use Intel AMT Commander to connect to your computer.

Can you let us know what vendor and motherboard you are using?

Ylian (My Intel AMT Blog)

I meet the same problem,I solve itby reinstall management engine drives HECI_AllOS_3.0.30.1086_PV.exe;LMS_SOL_AllOS_5.4.0.1065_PV.exe

then ,run your outpost on your AMT machine.


As you said in your response, i have downloaded these two exe files from Intel website and tried to install them in Intel AMT machine.

LMS_SOL_ALLOS_5.4.0.1065_PV.exe is successfully installed, but when i am trying to install HECI_ALLOS_3.0.30.1086_PV.exe i got the following error.

"This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software". I tried to find out from Intel site, is there any prerequisite for installing this driver file, but i could not find anything.

Can you suggest any solution for this...

Thanks in advance..


Can you let us know what is the hardware configuration of your system? What is the OS you are using? Does it support Intel AMT?


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