Help on Intel AMT Outpost

Help on Intel AMT Outpost

When i am using Intel AMT Outpost on Intel AMT System by giving
user name , password i got the following error

"Local connection to Intel AMT failed. Check that this computer support,

drivers & password.

Whether i have Install any Drivers in Intel AMT System., if i t require please
provide me the link and provider name to down load and install.

Any Help on this would be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

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When you set up your AMT system, did you give the ME a strong password? Please verify that you can get to the AMT Login from your Management Console by accessing the following url: http::16992

THE AMT Client is associated with user "admin" along with a strong password (mandatory.)

If you need to load drivers and update firmware, those should have come with your system (on a CD) and you should be able to download all required BIOs/Firmware/Drivers from your OEM's support site.

Hope this helps,


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