Now live: Contest for a Manageability Idea!

Now live: Contest for a Manageability Idea!

Hello...our contest for a Manageability Idea is live from 29th March! Tell us a new, compelling manageability use case for Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) andyou couldwin prizes. You can also share, discussideas with peers here. Let us know what you think of the contest (good/ bad/ both )

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I would totaly win this thing if I could participate! Being the author of the Intel AMT DTK, I constently think of new ways I can use (or abuse) Intel AMT. One of my most famous hacks is running TCP connections over Serial-over-LAN allowing an administrator to connect to TCP services on an Intel AMT computer even if the network driver is disable. This demo alone as caused numerous people in my Intel Lab to go WOW! As I would use VNC to manage and remotely re-enable the OS network drivers.

Especialy if you arean existing user onour forums, take to the time enter a quick entry into this contest.

Ylian (My Intel AMT Blog)

We would love to have an entry from you Ylian even though we may not be able to give you a prize. We could use some WOW entries to start the contest

Oh goody, I will gradly accept a cardboard cutout of a trophy or something! Will get my brain on it right away. It may take some time, tall blonds have a natural disadvantage.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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