Vpro questions

Vpro questions


I am newbie in Vpro technology so I wish if it's possible to answer me at few questions. I have 1 system with Vpro techology but I cannot acces it. I Have installed syam desktop central and I can access the computer through browser, i can do everything on it but if i choose to shut it down i cannot bring it back. When I want to access directly the computer with http://ip:16991-16995 I got an error display page. i tried to telnet on ports 16991 to 16995 and the port 16993 is open. In BIOS is set an static IP with netmask, gateway and dns server. Is there a HOWTO(for dummies)to install and config Vpro techology on machines with Vpro? I am stuck. Google has not been my friend last 2 days..

ps: motherboard is DQ965GF.

Thank You,


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Hi Dany,

I know the DQ965GF very well, I have two in my lab, but I am not familiar with "Syam desktop central". Setting up Intel AMT for dummies is a great idea, I don't think we have that maybe someone else on the forum know of such a page.

Here are a few tips for you:

  • To get started, you should setup your machine in Small Buisness Mode with a good password and make sure you have activated Intel AMT 2.0 (not AMT 1.0 or ASF).
  • If you are using an Intel AMT 2.1 Firmware, put AMT is "Always on" mode to get started. Once it works, you can play with additionnal power saving options later.
  • If you are using static address, make sure both AMT and the OS use the same one. I generally never use static IP and encorage anyone to use DHCP if they can. I would get a small home router and plug two computers on it to get started.
  • In small buisness mode, the Intel AMT port is 16992. You must access it using a web browser from a different computer, not the Intel AMT computer. Because Intel AMT is hardware, it can only listen to connections from the network, loopback will not work.
  • If you are really stuck, get the latest BIOS from Intel and update it using the jumper & CDROM technique. You will get the latest BIOS & AMT, and you get to start over at the same time. This is not normally necessary, but I like to keep my own computers updated.
  • Once you got the web page loaded on 16992. You can try the sample tools in the DTK along with training videos to play around with Intel AMT and impress all your friends.

Hope this helps,
Ylian - Check out my Intel AMT blog

Also, if you could verify which version of the firmare you have loaded, that would be good. Have you tried just doing a "restart" rather than a "shut-down?" I am recalling an instance where shutting down would actuall power down the network interface and then you wouldn't be able to start the system via the AMT interface because the network was actually shut down. (I thought this was fixed in the later releases....)


hello all,

First I want to thank you(both of you) for a prompt answer and help. I have latest BIOS, allsettings are likeYlian said, all OK, but stillwont work. Afther 2 hours of researching on google and Intel's siteI made a "reset to default factory" in IAMT Bios console. Afther that, it's worked. Very very strange.... I hope to helpothers this tip.

Thanks again for advices,


Thats strange; I never had to do a full reset to make it work. Still, each time I update my BIOS on these motherboards I can never do it the easy way. I always have to put the BIOS image on a CDROM, put it in the CDROM drive, remove the configuration jumper and turn the machine on. The good thing is, every time I do that, it always works great after the reset.

Ylian (My Intel AMT Blog)


We have created a simple 2 page document that explains how to configure your vpro hardware and SyAM Software.

Here is a link to the quick start guide PDF http://syamsoftware.com/main/solutions/AMT-Quick-Ref.pdf

Here is a link to the SyAM Software vPro site, www.syamsoftware.com/vpro

We're continually updating these pages with use cases, validated configuration, etc - welcome feedback on what else can produce to help vPro users

I hope this help, but should you have any other questions on SyAM Software, please don't hesitate to contact us.


I'm glad to see you on our forum, Nick!


Thanks to all of you. We are a small-medium OEM/VAR/System builder (ONLY INTEL!) and had struggled with VPRO until I found this forum. Got up and running in short order.We have an order for a trial of 6 VPRO systems in manufacturing where simple maintenance meansputting on cleanroom suitsand shutting down the assembly line to get to the PC's. Thanks again.

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