SCS Integration with HP Openview

SCS Integration with HP Openview


I'm working for a big UK blue chip who are looking at pushing out a number of machines with vPro enabled. Ideally we want to be using SCS but I feel over a fair bit of testing that it just isn't Enterprise ready. It seems slightly buggy and slow.

Is anyone aware of HP producing an add in for SCS to HP Openview? Or are Altiris working on a solution?

Many Thanks

Ian Fraser

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Hi Ian,

You are absolutly right that the Intel SCS is probably best usedasreference code for software vendors to build there own truly scalable setup and configuration server for Intel AMT. I have never user SCS myself, but I did readsome ofthe documentation and it's certainly not easy to use.

I don't know about HP or Altiris, I know LanDesk has one. In fact, I fell on there SCSdocumentation while looking for something else on Google.

I am building my own version of the SCS in the Intel AMT DTK. It's really intended for training, developpers, testers and possibly in the future small setups of just a few comptuers.

Since you work for a big compagny, I suggest you get in touch with an Intel solution's specialist. They are fun people and will assist you really well.

Ylian (Check out my Intel AMT Blog)


I'm aware that HP Openview has been shipping software that supports Intel AMT since last fall. They have integrated the SCS into their solution.



Correct, in addition to HP Openview, SMS add-on, Altiris and others have integrated the SCS. By the way - feel free to send me (direct email) over any details of issues you may have experienced.

Also, be on the lookout soon for an upgraded version of the Intel SCS (3.0) to our Manageability Community Site. We will be posting more information on what's new shortly.

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