Alternatives to the integrated terminal?

Alternatives to the integrated terminal?

Hello, we plan to use IPMI + AMT for managing our servers. My problem is, that the AMT DK v0.19 only supports the integrated terminal, which crashes very often. Is it possible to redirect a telnet console to the server?

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Hi. Oh dear, it should not crash at all.Can you send me the "exception.txt"file that you will find in the AMT DTK directory? My e-mail address is on top of that file. I need it to fix the problem. In version 0.21, Ifixedsuch aterminal crash, if it's the same one your encountering; I will send you theupdated version right away.

As for redirection, you would have to writecode. If youre willing to do that, I can help.I am now thinking that I could add a redirection feature into my console, that way,anyone could usetheir favorite telnet terminal that would be cool, I should look into it.

Looking forward to that exception file.


there is no exception.txt in the directory, or in the root directory. The Application just closes on some control codes, for example if I try to open "top" on a debian etch box via serial-over-lan.



The Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit (DTK) version 0.21 was just released on the web site and should completely fix the terminal crashes. I also added lots more features and many more bug fixes, there is a "changes.txt" with a list of changes since the last version.

Please let me know if you see this problem again,

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