SOAP Error 22 running AgentPresenceConsole and AgentSample

SOAP Error 22 running AgentPresenceConsole and AgentSample

I have been trying to run the AgentPresenceConsole and the AgentSample projects from the AMT SDK and I keep on getting a SOAP error 22. Is there something that I am not doing properly? I use the -user and -pass arguments, but I still receive the message. Are these two examples supposed to run simultaneously? Here is the error that I get:

ConsoleWatchdogDelete function called

Error: failed while calling DeleteWatchdog.
SOAP failure: error code = 22

Hope you can help. Thanks.

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A couple questions:

Are you using -user admin -pass ? The admin password must be strong. Also the samples with "local" are run on the AMT system and the samples with "remote" are run on your management console.

You can also practice with these by downloading the Intel Developers Toolkit on our Manageability site. (this toolis a GUI around the SDK capabilities) You can play with Agents and Filters and Pollicies by using the Outpost portion of this toolkit.

Hope this helps.

G Holmes

I am using a strong password because when I set up my AMT enabled system it made me chose a strong password. I should also mention that connecting through a browser worked just fine so I know that a connection can be established. I will try to use the developer's toolkit.

Thank you for the help.


Are you using "localhost" in place of the IP address on the AMT box?

And... Is the Intel LMS service running on your system and is the HECI driver installed?


The sample console application has got to be run from a remote system. For security reason, LMS simply doesn't take AgentPresenceRemoteService. Please let us know if this is not the case.

First: AgentPresenceConsole would run on the Management Console.(to register the local agent.)

Second: AgentSample should be run on the AMT system (to start the agent - otherwise it will time out) (Use Localhost inplace of IP Address in this call.)

But in order for Agent Presence to work, the HECI driver and LMSneeds to be installed.

LMS (Local ManageabilityService): Routes Local Messages to Intel AMT (see page 7 of the overview.pdf in the Docs folder of the SDK.) Page 19 of the Network Interface Guide: LMS listens for traffic directected to the host name, intercepts the message and routes it to the Intel Management Engine Ingerface driver (the HECI driver.)

However, I have only experienced Soap Error 22 becuase of not physcially entering the -user and the -pass args...

I didn't realize that you had to install the LMS service and the HECI driver on the AMT machine. I assumed that these things came included in my system. Do you happen to have a link to these? Either way, these only apply to the sample running on the AMT machine. The remote console application on another machine should work without these, correct? That is, when the AgentPresenceConsole application registers the agent to the AMT machine, it should not immediately throw a SOAP error 22, right?

Another thing I noticed is that when I look at the event log on the AMT machine through the browser, it tells me that authentication has failed when I am making these attempts. How can that be if I used the same credentials as I did to log into the web interface?

One thing you can do is see if LMS is on your system, but not started and then simply start it. (I have found this to be the case on new systems.) Where do you get the drivers? Your OEM for your system should have them in their Support areas on their websites. A disk should have come with your system that has all the required drivers and instructions as well. Let's verify that you get the LMS and HECI drivers loaded and see if you are still having problems. Are you using "admin" as the user? I've heard of the sample not working when you try another user other than admin. Also, make sure this user has full priviledges.

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