VPro, SMB and Digest Authentication error

VPro, SMB and Digest Authentication error

I'm in the middle of preparing some vPro demo machines in combination with LANDesk. However, when using SMB approach, IE7 and Mozilla browser complain about Digest Authentication which is not supported by the browser. I've searched the inet of course, but finding the answer is hard. Can you please help mesolve this issue?

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That is due to an IE7 authentication issue. These links below should help:



Dear Sir,

Thank you for your eeply and quick response.

I seemed to have forgotten, all our proxy settings. Because I'm behind my companies FW off course, and they want to save bandwith and control web acces, they use proxy. Here is that you have to make an exception rule for the ip adres range in which you would like to digest authentication from. Here you have to tell your IE which ip not to use in combination with proxy.

I've changed this and now it's working as its suppost to work,

Again thank you for your coop. in this one....

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