Where can I find vPro software???????

Where can I find vPro software???????

Please can someone help me locate third party software enabling me to make use of vPro's remote control technology. I am able to log into my vPro enabled server using it's IP and can turn it on/off etc but I need full remote access.

Many thanks.

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I don't have a full list but Altiris, Avocent,BMC Software, CA, Farstone, Kingsoft,HP OpenView, LANDesk, Medialand, Microsoft SMS, StarSoftComm, and SyAM are shipping their products.

If you want just play withvpro , you have intel's iAMT SDK's sample programs and RDK sample application . You can use all of the features of vpro AMT including remote contorols with them.

We are also about to release a new set of developer tools that will help with exactly that. It should occur within a week so keep watching the site for a new download.

I am actualy the lead developer of it and so, I look forward to getting input andfeedback. It's going to be called "Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit".

More soon,

Just a quick note that the "Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit" is now on the Intel managibility web site. It's nothing like real management software. It'sbuilt for developers andtesters that want a reference IAMT tool.



We've just released our Version 3.30 System Client and System Area Manager at SyAM Software.

You can download it from our web site www.syamsoftware.com/downloads

The System Client is installed on the vPro system, System Area Manager is installed on another system, browse to the System Area Manager to perform vPro Remote management functions to your vPro system.

More info on our vPro solutions can be found at www.syamsoftware.com/vpro


Thanks for the link. I especialy like the training videos, I just watched the Intel AMT Setup and IDE-R/SOL videos on your web site. In general, I think it helps people get a good graps of the product very quickly.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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