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I am working with HP dc7700's

BIOS version 1.05 and 1.06

AMT Firmware version

MEBx version

My AMT default settings include the domain as The domain is accessed through TCP/IP in the MEBx. If I do a full unprovision it will be set back to If I remove the motherboard battery it will default to

The problem is I have no domain so in order for my AMT boxes to locate the ProvisionServer DNS record I have to manually go in to the MEBx to remove the entry. I leave it blank, but I can also put in the name of my domain and it will work. If I edit the domain setting the provision process completes successfully.

The PC does receive an IP from my DHCP server with an address of

My assumption is the PC is looking for DNS records in the domain that does not exist.

How can I successfully provision a PC without manually editing the domain entry?

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Does anyone else see this issue who has HP dc7700's?

Does anyone on any platform see this issue?


We have tested this on our HP system with your firmware configuration as well as with the 2.1 firmware (which hasn't been released yet) and we see this in both versions of the bios/firmware. You should contact HP regarding this issue.


Just in case anyone else is afflicted with this issue, here is the latest from HP.

"The iME firmware image now clears the AMT default domain setting in order to properly function with USB key provisioning."

This is good news. I'm still not seeing the new release on their site....

G Holmes

Release is scheduled for 3-1-2007.

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