Error to initialize SOL. Error 1

Error to initialize SOL. Error 1


Im busy writing an application to do AMT SOL, however i seem to be getting the following error sometimes and it does not seem to be orriginating from my code: "Error to initialize SOL. Error 1"

Does any one know what this means or where the error may be comming from?


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I have built an SOL application and have not seen this. Have you been able to use SOL before with a different application?It's possible that the SOL/IDE-R port is closed and so, the connection is rejected. I will have to go check if I can find that error code.



Are you saying that sometimes it works and other times it doesn't work? If you haven't been able to connect at all, please check that you have enabled SOL/IDE-Rin the BIOs and AMT configuration setting (BIOS/MEBx settings.)



You also might want to check out section 1.3 of the Redirection Library User Guide.pdf - this section provides and overview of SOL/IDE-R and explains how to enable them (if you haven't already tried this.)


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