SCS time incorrect

SCS time incorrect

Where is the SCS getting it's time from? Our SCS has the incorrect time, and is therefore giving the AMT boxes the incorrect time. Windows time is set correctly. Have reinstalled SCS, and installed on a different system.

Using SCS version

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You can synchronize the AMT Clock from within the SCS - there is a "set PRTC" API as well as "syncAPIClock" commands. You can read about these in the documents and Release notes that come with the SCS.


Just to clarify a couple issues, the SCS gets the time from the OS. Please make sure that the check box for syncing the time has been checked.This box is in the Maintenence Policies portion of the SCS UI and is also documented on page 85 of the "Intel AMT SCS Installation and User Manual.pdf"


Thanks for the response.

The AMT clock is being updated just fine, as per the instructions on pg 85, but it is being updated with the wrong time because the SCS time is incorrect. The incorrect time is alsoapparent by thethe time stamp for the log files in the SCS console. My system clock is set correctly.

The time is still incorrect, any ideas?

Could you provide some more information for us? Have you successfully provisioned your system? (have you seen the "Hello packets?")

What system are you running on? And are you running in AMT 1.0 or AMT 2.0? When you boot your system, what level of firmware/bios does your system have?

What date/time is the SCS reporting? Is it always the same time? or is it offset from the OS time?

The AMT system has been successfully provisioned in enterprise mode, and all AMT features can be successfully executed via SCS or the SMS add-on.

The SCS is running on Windows 2k3.

Using AMT 2.0 boxes.

There is always a 6 hour difference between the system clock and the time reported by the SCS.

Hopefully you are in a time zone that is UTC+- 6 hours. (7 if you take into account day-light savings time). If this is the case, then this answers why your SCS time is always 6 hours off.

Explanation: Page 202 of the Network Interface Guide says the AMT time is UTC. It is a 32-bit field and is represented as number of seconds after Jan.1 1970.


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