Password error when using USB key

Password error when using USB key

When trying to use a USB key to provison an AMT box i get the following:

Intel ME BIOS Extension login with default password failed
Press any key to continue...
2209 - USB Provisioning Error

I am using the SCS console to create the key. The default password has been changed on the AMT box from admin, but I have reflected this change in the SCS console settings. Also, I have confirmed that the key does have the correct "new" default password by inspecting the .bin file that is created. Just to be clear I have not been resusing the same .bin file, and I have tried two different USB keys.

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The USB key method cannot be used once the password has been changed from the default admin password. Although there are facilities in the SCS to specify a new default password in the USB key file, the feature is not support by the BIOS. This means the USB key method is only available for first-time provisioning after box arrives from the OEM. If the box has been un-provisioned, or its password has been changed, then the USB key method is no longer available as an option.


Thanks. That's what I was afraid of.

For anyone who needs to use the USB key after changing the default password, we were able to reset the password to admin by resetting the BIOS. We reset the BIOS by removing the battery on the motherboard.

That's great news. I actually thought it was more involved than that - like flipping jumper switches might be involved. Thank you for sharing this with the forum!


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