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Just a small comment on the IAMT SDK:Using the wsdl.exe tool in .NET 2.0 works perfectly for all files except "SecurityAdministrationInterface". It puts a warning that this file is not compiant. If you could, please fix this for the next release.

It would also be nice if, in the WSDL files, you consolidated all the types. Right now, if two of the WDSL files refer to the same type, it causes a clash once you import both generated classes. Also, all the funtion return types are all defined as a UINT in WSDL. Making it an enumeration of all of the possible return values would be nice.


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Are you saying that you are having difficulty building the SecurityAdministrationInterface as is?

We will be posting the 2.1 release of the SDK, probably next week. In this new release we did not have to remove the gSoap executables, so you will not have to go to gSoap to get the exes that you need.. Hopefully this will help you.The above sample builds fine for me (I am working on a 2.0 package prior to the gSoap exe removals.)

If youare still having this problem with the 21 version of the SDK, please let us know.


Thanks for your quick replay,

I am not using GSoap, rather, I am using wsdl.exe that is included in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. It works the same way a GSoap but generates C# classes. The tools works fine on all WSDL files profided in 2.1 except for "SecurityAdministration". Here is the warning. I have not tried the generated class yet, it may still work correctly.


Warning: This web reference does not conform to WS-I Basic Profile v1.1.
R2705: A DESCRIPTION MUST use the same value of, either 'rpc' or 'document' for the style attribute for all of its operations in a portType, in the SOAP Binding description.
- Binding 'SecurityAdministrationSoapBinding' from namespace 'http://schemas.intel.com/platform/client/SecurityAdministration/2004/01'.

For more details on the WS-I Basic Profile v1.1, see the specification
at http://www.ws-i.org/Profiles/BasicProfile-1.1.html.

Writing file 'SecurityAdministrationInterface.cs'.

Aha.... The 2.1 and previous releases of the SDK are all written for MS Visual Studio 2003. People have gotten it running with 2005after doing some tweaking. So you can either go back to 2003 or you can try to do the required tweaking yourself.


BTW - I have an update. The SecurityAdministration.cs/WSDL warning you are seeing is happening because you are running the version 2 wsdl.exe. If you run the 1.1 version of wsdl.exe you will not get this warning.


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