Using AMT to record/send events of problems encountered?

Using AMT to record/send events of problems encountered?

I was wondering how applications installed on IAMT monitored systems can take advantage of IAMT to record/send events of problems encountered? Or are these events restricted to those detected by the hardware? Are there other ways to have applications (not ISV software) use IAMT to aid IT personnel in providing information about problems these applications are having -- or for that matter to configure those apps or even execute commands within those apps? I am not able to find much information about IAMT that provides much detail about how it can be used by applications on the monitored system.

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The Intel Active Management Technology Software Developers Kit (SDK) can be downloaded from the Manageability link which is located on this Forums web page. Inside the SDK are libraries containing APIs that your application can call in order to take advantage of Intel AMT to monitor events occurring on your system. The SDK contains documents detailing how to use the APIs as well as code samples to help you get started. The SDK document called User Guide.pdf should be a good place to go to find out which features you need and therefore which sample code you wouldwant to look at.


I looked at this SDK. It appears to be for code that is trying to manage boxes using AMT. However, our application runs on a box that managed using AMT. As an application on the target, I would like to use the AMT to comunicate to the managing software and send an event through AMT.

It sounds like you are asking how your application code that is running on another (non Intel AMT system) would interface to your Intel AMT client. In the SDK documentation, you will find references to a "Management Console." This would be an application running on a non Intel AMT system that would be interfacing to the Intel AMT Client. An example of this in the sample code can be found in the ...Samples/AgentPresencefolder. In this folder you will find a C++ project called AgentPresenceConsole and another folder called AgentSample. The AgentPresenceConsole software is the Management Console app which runs on the non-Intel AMT system and the AgentSample software runs on the Intel AMT system. Note that when you successfully build these samples you can run them with no arguments to see what the required call sequence is.

I hope this helps!

G. Holmes

AMT deals with alerts from BIOS, sensors, hardware, and firmware. The AMT SDK provides APIs so that Management Console (MC) can subscribe to platform events that IT administrators are interested in. In your case, you application running on an AMT system doesn't use AMT to send out events. Since the app is up and running, it can use the in-band way to send out its events, i.e., through OS.

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