wsdl2h compile error in Linux

wsdl2h compile error in Linux

I am trying to compile up the sample code in on Linux and am getting the following error regarding wsdl2h: dos2unix: converting file Makefile to UNIX format ... ../../ThirdParty/gSOAP/wsdl2h -e -y -t
../../ThirdParty/gSOAP/typemap.dat -o HardwareAssetInterface.h
../../Include/WSDL/HardwareAssetInterface.wsdl make:
../../ThirdParty/gSOAP/wsdl2h: Command not found make: ***
[soapClient.cpp] Error 127 [root@csfnfs65 AssetDisplay]# ls
../../ThirdParty/gSOAP/ digcalc.cpp httpDigest.cpp stdsoap2.cpp
stldeque.h stllist.h stlvector.h digcalc.h httpDigest.h stdsoap2.h stl.h
stlset.h typemap.dat

I've checked the Docs directory for info and the only info on wsd12h is Windows based: ./Readme.txt: 1) Run wsdl.exe using the -n option ./Readme.txt: e.g. wsdl2h.exe -e -t typemap.dat -o RemoteControlInterface.h -n

It is very likely that the development environment is not right in Linux. What RPMs are required?? I have C and C++ already loaded.

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1) After looking into your problem, it appears that the linux folder was "zipped" rather than "tarred" which may have resulted in permission problems.

2) Another area where you may be experiencing problems is that you will need to download Gsoap and make sure the executables are in the ThirdParty Gsoap folder.

Note that the 2.1 Release of the Intel AMT SDKis scheduled to be uploaded to the sitein approximately 2 weeks and the issueresulting in item 1 abovewill be fixed.

--G. Holmes


To download gsoap you may want to visit URL's

All the best!

Steve Williams

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