Intel vPro security agents?

Intel vPro security agents?

I'd like to find out more about the possibilities of creating an agent for the Intel vPro system that would enable administrators to manage (monitor status and/or change settings of) an antivirus software product. Is there an SDK that can be used to create vPro security agents? Is it provided publicly, oris anNDA with Intel required?

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The Intel AMT SDK is publically avaliable on our Manageability Community web site.Within the SDK, you can look at the Sample code and there is also quite a bit of documentation /user guides included. You could certainly use Active Management Technology to detect ifsoftware agents (such as Anti-Virus software) were disabled or removed and then you would have policies defined that would indicate what the action(s) taken would be. Thereare also some writeups on the Manageabilitly site that discuss the 3 different Usage Models and the 8 Use Cases that would come into play accordingly. Hopefully after reading through those papers and familiarizing yourself with the SDK, you will have an idea of how you could accomplish what you need to do.

--Regards (GTH)

BTW, the link for the Intel AMT Software Developer's Kit is as follows:


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