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Introduce Yourself Here

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In order for us to better assist you and converse with you, we would like you to introduce yourself. It will help us customize our information to your interests and specific needs. Please post an introduction as a reply to this thread.

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Hi, I'm Michelle. I work for Intel and I'm workon Intel AMT.


working for Intel. I've just started to get into AMT.



Hi guys, I'm naresh......workingin HCL Infosystems... on Intel AMT

Hi Naresh, Welcome to the Manageability Developer Community. Check out a contest that we are running at We would love to hear your ideas as well...


I'm Bill York working for Intel as a Solution Architect for our Field Sales Team. I'm focused on enabling/trainingTechnology Specialists that support Enterprise accounts specifically around Pro platforms. I also work on Enterprise pre-engagements, IT Outsources, and System Integratorsto enable Pro platforms.

Most of my attention has been internal blogs / forums / wikis / etc, but quickly realized there are a lot of really smart people externally I shouldcollaborate with.

I have found great value in the first view posts on this public forum. Thanks!

Been on this forum for a while now, so i think its time for me to at least introduce myself. My name is Adrian Freemantle and I'm a developer at a company in South Africa that develops desktop management solutions. I have been working on integrating the AMT technology into our product suite for the last year or so.

Hi, I'm Anthony and I work for a UK company selling mobile phones. I've come here to try to expand my knowledge on all things AMT - looks like a steep learning curve!



I'm Michael. I am a student at the university of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany and I do research in the field of AMT. We plan to publish a paper about my findings and I will appreciate any help through the community.

- Michael

Hai all my name is susan and i am from united states. Well i cam here to search for the good open source projects. Came to know from this forum that paragent serves better and best.Thanks for all your support.

Hi Folks, I'm brand new on this forum andi'm excited to startlearning about some of the new technologyreviews.I'm the web developer and ITsystems coordinator for We're working on version 3.0 and I'm excited to learn as much as I can here to help us.Thanks, Beth

Hi Michelle,

I'm also a newbie here. Hope to have friends like you.


I am working at a Taiwanese hardware manufacturer and came here with a question. Only since a few days I am dealing with AMT in a customer support situation.
Originally I am from Germany but living and working in Taiwan.
Nice Forum.


Hello, my name is Mark and I am one of the developers of a new manageability tool called SysCompare Pro - I'm here to learn more about working with Intel and how to improve our product to work better on Intel platforms.


new here. As can be happy to collaborate and learn more about how
working with Intel. I have a product that I want him optimizez for Intel



Have you looked at the Intel Software Partner Program ( We have tools to help with optimization. I would be glad to put you in touch with the people who would be working with you based on your location.


Travis Ellis
DCC ISV Enabling Manager

Hello, I'm Nicholas.

Many of my customers debug UEFI & AMT with our tool.
I'm here to see what are AMT related engineers doing.


Mr. Bill York,

J.L here. I am glad I finally made it back. I wasn't exactly stranded on a desert island like Tom Hanks in that movie. No super-genius, I was just a competent returning student in the engineering school back in '91-93' and sure had found something to work at under Professor Edmond Miller trying to bring an old MIT surveyor's program into WIN3.1.

In '04-'05 I had another Dell for eight months or so and picked up what I could with that Visual Basic.

I ought to be and really am pleased to have taken delivery of machine4, my second new Dell, on 12 June. I did meet a good man late last year who did give me a VS2008std disk he was given ata convention.

I was also able to afford to one of the Hewlett-Packard "iPaq 111" units. and the transmitter part called a router or access point.

To be honest, I do not have a contract right now and do not know where but have faith I will be doing something for the rest of my time. Having said this, I must say with my contacts on and reading glasses, that handheld device is nearly useless to me almost. I want to believe if I buy the proVS2008 I ought to be able to write some code to make bigger boxes and numbers show up on it, maybe even having others use them for me.

About three days ago I concluded I had to, hadto learn like the old days, and, (almost ),format my harddrive and reinstall all that MS stuff.

Sir, I confess I am only guessing a 'ICHP 9' is a interrupt controller, which I heard of but never really could grasp what it was except they worked. I was in civil not EE. Still, if I take my time and am very courteous there may be much I can learn

I saw some-odd text file mentioned, "Argon," and boot disk and alternate OS is seems important to me.

Finally, I had to finally get cash-pay support from MS about 22 hours back because all that database/server/Outlook business no longer works properly, if it did to begin with. This afternoon I just happened on an item in, "Control Panel," about errors. I was not given anykind of notice of this; none. Well it said ya'lls ICHP 9 was out of whack as was some huge display adapter? Well, ya'll do what you do, but I finally loaded up and improved network tester, (which is truly astonishing, which I had already been through

I apologise for this verbiage. I shall add you, sir to head of Account projectGulfStream, and check back in. Oh, downloadable updates might have issuance dates and so forth?

these text strips, I clicked something and then about twelve more times, and just let it go. Thank you sincerely for what we have wrought

Great to Be With Intel


Can anyone please let me know how to use "intel wsman java client library"?

Is there any step-by-step guide? Can i use intel wsman client library for discovering Server using wsman protocol?


Hari Sharma

If you downloaded it, there should be documentation inside the zip file.

I am Ponram student at Anna University India, I am much interested in knowing about Intel AMT

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