AMT: Unspecified Event Codes (POST Error)

AMT: Unspecified Event Codes (POST Error)

I have 2 motherboards (from 25), which log unknown error some times. I didn't find the description of it in various documents ("Alert Standard Format (ASF) Specification, ver. 2.0", "IPMI PET to Platform Message Registry Mapping, ver. 1.2.0", "IPMI Platform Event Trap Format Specification, ver. 1.0", "IPMI  Specification Second Generation, ver. 2.0", WSEventAndPetTableReplacement.xls).

Motherboard: DQ965GF

EventSensorType:Fh (POST Progress/Error)
Severity: Non-recoverable
Event Data: 40 14 00 00 00 00 00 00
Entity: 26 (Other chassis board)

Can anyone give me explanation of what happens with these two m/boards and there I can get the list of Platform Event Codes.


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What version of AMT is this? I assume you have gone through the SDK docs?

It kind of sounds like this is not a PET event sent by AMT. It could be OEM specific, too. Is there any more information you can pass on?

Also here are some more links that may or may not help:

AMT Hardware Asset (Baseboard):
Manufacturer: 'Intel Corporation'
Product: 'DQ965GF'
Version: 'AAD41676-601'
Asset tag: 'Base Board Asset Tag'
AMT General Info:

AMT version: 2.2.20
Code Versions:
Flash: 2.2.20
Netstack: 2.2.20
AMTApps: 2.2.20
AMT: 2.2.20
VendorID: 8086
Build Number: 1041
Recovery Version: 2.2.20
Recovery Build Num: 1041
Legacy Mode: False
BIOS version: CO96510J.86A.6100.2009.1004.2331
Provisioning mode: SmallBusiness
Provisioning state: Post Provisioning
Config Server (IP:port): 0:9971
VLan: Disabled
Network State: Enabled
Enabled Interfaces: WebUI, SerialOverLAN, IdeRedirect
Password model: Separate
Local 'admin' password: changed from default
Remote 'admin' password: changed from default
Security parameters:
Enterprise Mode: False
TLS Enabled: False
HwCrypto Enabled: True
Provisioning State: Post Provisioning
Network Interface Enabled: True
SOL Enabled: True
IDER Enabled: True
FWUpdate Enabled: True
Link Is Up: True

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