SOL data is not redirected

SOL data is not redirected


I have AMT system booted to DOS mode(Command prompt - text data only). AMT version is 7.0

Now using Intel commander tool., connected to SOL  using Remote Control ->  Take control and connected to SOL mode It's showing blank screen only. Actually AMT system has dos command prompt Since it's a text screen it should get redirected, but not redirected text data. Anyone explain about this?

If i use remote reboot option in Intel commander tool, AMT system restarts and able to see post messages, text data in SOL. So do we need to reset system to see text console data like DOS OS

If AMT system is in BIOS page and connected to SOL using Intel commander tool and it's showing blank screen only and not BIOS screen



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Have you tried this with the Open DTK?

Hi. By default, Intel AMT Serial-over-LAN will just send what you type in the terminal to a virtual serial port exposed to the operating system. If to applications are listening on the "COM PORT" you will just get a blank screen. I have software that will give you a command prompt on the Serial-over-LAN terminal. In the OpenDTK use Outpost or better yet, install's mesh agent. In both cases, the software will detect the Intel AMT serial port and hook-up a nice command prompt. If you have one of these software installed, you can hit the ` key (Located next to the ESC key on us keyboards) to refresh the screen and see them prompt. Type "cmd" to go to the DOS command prompt and "exit" to go back, "help" for more commands.

Hope it helps,


I'm dealing with a similar scenario.  In my case, the AMT system may be sitting at a pre-boot prompt (like the one in the attached image) and I need to refresh when connected via SOL in order to obtain the prompt text and provide appropriate input.  The system may have been at the prompt for some time before I connect.




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