Is starting an IDE-R session using a soap wsman call possible ?

Is starting an IDE-R session using a soap wsman call possible ?

I'm looking for a way to start an IDE-R session from a management console running on a Linux / Unix environment. The management console cannot access external machines on port 16994.

I can setup an ssh tunnel to the AMT machine but the local port 16994 cannot be used.

The management console can use port 16992/16993 and already uses that for the wsman soap interface to perform certain operations, and I would like to use the same for starting an IDE-R session.

Question 1 : Is starting an IDE-R session using a soap wsman call possible ? Can we start an IDE-R session using the soap wsman interface by providing the iso paths ? Does anyone have a code sample for that ?

Currently I am under the assumption that third-party management consoles can only start an IDE-R session through the Redirection Library, a C interface. ( A C dynamic library (for Windows) and a C static library (for Linux). I've looked at the various samples (windows and linux) and all of them define a client simply by its hostname. The library doesn't allow a connection to both a hostname and a port (I guess the port is hardcoded to 16994).

Question 2 : Is it possible to use the Redirection Library by specifying both a hostname and a port number ?

I did found a reference to an AMT_RedirectionService that can be used through the soap/wsman interface and that offers a TerminateSession method, but nothing to start an IDER session.

So I guess the main question is, can I start an IDE-R session from a management console that cannot connect to the AMT client on port 19664 ?

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Hi - you cannot start an IDE-R session from any other port than the designated IDER-Port. The ports are actually hard-wired in the firmware - they are IANA registered ports so they will not conflict with other ports used by network drivers, protocols, etc.

I wish I had a better answer for you.



Thx for the reply...

If I understand correctly, setting up an IDE-R is only possible through the Redirection Library = a C interface.

The C dynamic library (for Windows) - Redirection samples command line + gui (all windows based. exe commands and c# gui).
The C static library (for Linux).- Redirection sample irmcli

There's no java library that will allow us to start an IDE-R session ? Nothing on the AMT_RedirectionService ?

As starting an IDER session is a stateful process (the management console needs to keep a TCP session open to the AMT machine on port 16994, I suppose it cannot be done over http / wsman.

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get a better understand of what's possible..... The management console I'm working on would be linux based, running in a jvm.

Unfortunately, the redirection library (last I heard) is still considered proprietary so all you get is the library with no source. So given that, you have to be able to interface to the C++ APIs. If you are familiar with JNI, you could write an interface that would expose the 10-15 APIs for use in your Java app.

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