Serial-Over-LAN question

Serial-Over-LAN question

Hi there, 

I am new to AMT and SOL. I have a rather unusual need - I own a t430 equiped with vPro and AMT. I see that vertual COM port is created and I wonder if I can somehow use it to console into devices, like CISCO or HP network equipment (with Putty or Hyperterminal).

For example, instead of using a USB to seral adapter, to use the ethernet port to console into Cisco switch lets say. 

I spent almost 2 hours reseraching and I could not find an answer online. Appretiate any input.

P.S. Common sense makes me believe that both devices must be AMT compatable but hope is last resort.

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The devices that you are trying to connect to must be AMT capable.  Not sure I completely understand your usage here but it sounds like there may be other methods besides AMT to accomplish what you want to do.  Your management console (the computer where you would initiate a SOL session) it typically not an AMT capable system.  The client that your management console is attempting to manage is the system that has AMT.

Well, what I need is basically to use the RJ45 port as a regular SERIAL port via special cable. The device I connec to accept serial connection via RJ45 port (console prots on CISCO network equipment).

Ok - no you can't use the RJ45 ports.

yeah  RJ45 ports , no use here

is it possible?

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