Intel vPro trigger events

Intel vPro trigger events

I was wondering if it was possible to configure an Intel vPro device to ping a specified server even if the OS is shutdown. I understand this feature is built into laptops with Anti-Theft technology I was wondering if it could be done with standard vPro devices. I'm trying to build an application based on events such as lack of a presence.

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You can ping a vPro system that has Active Management Technology even if the OS is disabled or shut down.  You would need to make sure that in the Power Settings that the Manageability Engine stays on or is in a Wake on Lan state when the system is off.  It also has to have power - it needs to be either plugged in or if it is a notebook,  the battery has to be charged if not plugged in. In other words, the system you are pinging needs to have Active Management Technology.

Thanks for the response, I was actually asking if it would be possible to configure the AMT device itself to ping a server, repetitively, even if it's turned off. Similar to how laptops built with Intel Anti Theft technology can 'call home', except not as sophisticated.

Sorry for the delay.  Anti-Theft won't call home until the system is running (it doesn't check in with the server  when the system is off.) For this reason it is important to set the timeout to an amount of time that you know the system will be able to be turned on and to be checking in.

For the AMT part, the ME doesn't run agents and other than responding to a ping, it doesn't do anthing.  The server can ping the ME of an AMT system if it is off and has power.

Oh ok, understood, thanks for the response. Appreciate the assistance.

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