AMT SDK - NetworkAdmin sample

AMT SDK - NetworkAdmin sample

I am testing out the various samples contained within the AMT SDK and am running into issues with the NetworkAdmin sample.  One of the switches is "-sgen" which allows the changing of a property.  Specifically I'm trying to change the 'RespondsToPing'.  However, I can't seem to figure out how to use the '-sgen' switch.

Assistance is appreciated.  Thanks.

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Hi - can you tell me which SDK you are using?  8.1?  And what version of AMT is the system you are running the sample against? Also what error messages are you getting?


I am using version - 8.1.4198.  The AMT version (major) is 7.  The only message I'm receiving is the usage message explaining how to run NetworkAdmin.  This is what I'm entering:  networkadmin.exe -sgen ?? -host CompName -user admin -pass P@ssword

The issue is that I don't know how to use the -sgen switch or the name of the setting I wish to change.  Do I type ... -sgen RespondToPing=0... or is it something else entirely?  Is it even possible?

Thank you for the quick response.

Hi - I am checking into this.  I noticed that if you just put in -sgen without arguments, it works. In looking at the sample code, it looks like it is demonstrating how to use the apis to change the settings but doesn't seem to allow the user to type any specific changes into the command line. For example, it sets the ping response to false and then sets it back.  I also noticed that when I turned the ping response to false from the web ui and then ran the sample, it partially worked but then crashed - probably because it got an error when trying to set the ping response to false (although I'm not sure why that would make it crash.)

Are you writing code for a management console?  You might want to take a look at the Open DTK.  The source code is available for download as well.  You can also bring up the AMT Web browser and play around with settings there as well.  (http://<your amt client>:16992  (for non-TLS; 16993 if you have security enabled.)

You can also try the Powershell snippets that are provided in the SDK Documentation.

I was hoping to avoid using the built-in webpage to modify the settings.  I will have to play around some more with the powershell samples.  Thank you.

You could always modify the sample to suit your needs, too.

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