how to implement vPro????

how to implement vPro????

I want to implement USE vPro, not develop for it... is there a turnkey solution that someone offers? or an out-of-box software that just simply works?  just wondering.  Seems like vPro has 10-15 seperate items (sdk, adk, scs, bla bla bla) and not one thing that ties them all together on it's own. I am wrong or am i just missing somthing? Is a third party software required? Is there a consultant available that can simply explain the steps?


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Well, you do have to enable AMT before you can manage your system.  I do explain how to do that in my Start Here Guide.  There are a couple of tools that you can use to manage your systems once you have them enabled.  The Open Developer's Toolkit (comes with a provisioning tool as well)  and the vPro Platform Management Solution (those are free and down loadable from the Intel Developer's Zone.)  There are also third party vendors who sell management console software (you could google for those) but they won't be free.  It all depends on how many systems you want to manage.  The tools I mentioned above will give you the capability to manage some (but they are not enterprise level.)

  1. Start Here Guide
  2. Open DTK
  3. Intel vPro Platform Solution Manager (my blog -it has a link to the download)

How many systems are you wanting to manage?  And do you know what features you are interested in?  

this fourms is also useful for me Thanks for discussion.

What kind of Intel's CPU and Chipset will support vPro? 

Some (not all) Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors support vPro Technology. Here are some links that will hopefully provide some guidance:

You can look up specific processors on "ARK".

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