intel IPMI fails. Is there any workaround for this problem?

intel IPMI fails. Is there any workaround for this problem?



Please review our problem described below. We’re trying to use IPMI for computers that have this capability. We have a machine with Intel Server Board S1200BTL with a possibility to connect via RMM4. We’re trying to work with its motherboard remotely. We access the web interface via http://ipaddress/ and an Integrated BMC Web Console is opened. The following information’s present:


System Information:

Host Power Status :

Host is currently ON

RMM Status :

Intel(R) RMM installed

Device (BMC) Available :


BMC FW Build Time :

May 25 2012 10:20:47

BMC FW Rev :


Boot FW Rev :


SDR Package Version :

SDR Package 1.14

Mgmt Engine (ME) FW Rev :


FRU Information

Chassis Information


Main Server Chassis

Part/Model Number:


Serial Number:


Board Information

Manufacturing Date :

2012-05-05   07:30

Manufacturer :

Intel Corporation

Product Name :


Serial Number :


Part/Model Number :


FRU File ID :

FRU Ver 0.03

Product Information

Manufacturer :


Name :


Part/Model Number :


Version :


Serial Number :


Asset Tag :


FRU File ID :


We need to remotely handle the power of the computer, examine SEL (System event log)and receive information about critical events. Studying the docs we realized that the best way to talk to the machine by IPMI is WS-MAN protocol accompanied by Windows Remote Management (WinRM) utility. We realized also that WS-MAN is understood if the motherboard has a Remote Management module. A few problems followed.


Our motherboard supports RMM4 (as displayed both in BIOS and the web interface). We assumed that RMM4 uses the same IP as BMC. Is that correct?


Here’s our piece of code using WinRM:

public static void Get()


            var wsman = new WSManClass();

            var options = (IWSManConnectionOptions) wsman.CreateConnectionOptions();

            if (options != null)




                    options.UserName = "root";

                    options.Password = "root";


                    int iFlags = wsman.SessionFlagCredUsernamePassword();

                    var session =

                        (IWSManSession) wsman.CreateSession("", iFlags, options);

                    if (session != null)




                            var identity = session.Identify();

                            var s = "";

                            var reply = session.Get(s);

                            var doc = new XmlDocument();


                            foreach (var elementName in new string[] {"p:Caption", "p:Description"})


                                var node = doc.GetElementsByTagName(elementName)[0];

                                if (node != null) Console.WriteLine(node.InnerText);









                catch (Exception ex)











At the line session.Identify() we’re getting ComException:


The WinRM client cannot process the request. Default authentication may be used with an IP address under the following conditions: the transport is HTTPS or the destination is in the TrustedHosts list, and explicit credentials are provided. Use winrm.cmd to configure TrustedHosts. Note that computers in the TrustedHosts list might not be authenticated. For more information on how to set TrustedHosts run the following command: winrm help config.



How should we set up network configurations in order to work with RMM4?

Is WS-MAN protocol supported for the above BMC?

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Your board board:

Here is the link to the user guide for BMC/RMM4: See section 4 on how to configure your network.

Here is a blog that discusses correct configuration of winrm:

>winrm quickconfig  -- creates an HTTP listener by default. You may need to create and HTTPS listener:

  • Type the following command: winrm quickconfig -transport:https. You must open port 443 for HTTPS transport to work.
  • Type:  winrm enumerate winrm/config/listener to get a list of all listeners that have been configured.

This forum is not really for Server related issues but I hope the above information helps you.

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