AMT vPro on Linux

AMT vPro on Linux

Hi all!

I decided to use Linux for all my company's computers but I'm having trouble with Intel's AMT vPro.

Other users from various forums advised me to use HECI driver but I found out that it stopped working a couple of years ago...

What should I do to make Intel HECI/AMT/VPro work on Linux?

Thank you! 

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I have a couple questions for you:  

  1. Are you running linux on both your clients and on your management console?
  2. What version of AMT are your clients running (and do they have the latest firmware?)
  3. Which Linux distribution is running on your systems?  
  4. How are the systems provisioned?  TLS or Non-TLS?  
  5. You do need the HECI driver installed - that is how software can communicate with the Management Engine.  The linux software can be found here:

I don't know how new you are to Intel AMT but here is the link to the Start Here Guide:




Have you enabled vPro/AMT in the BIOS on your machines?

Hi Gael,

In your post you have mentioned Redhat support was removed from AMT 9.5, But I'm able to see libraries related to Redhat in AMT 9.5 SDK(libimrsdkRH5.a).

Can you confirm whether support will be available for Redhat or not in future?




I noticed also that they are still there...  I'm checking on it.

Manni:  I have just been informed that the original plan was to remove Redhat however, they ended up keeping it and just adding Ubuntu support.  I will fix my blog.  

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