imrsdk Temporary Files

imrsdk Temporary Files

I am using HLAPI that came with the AMT 8.1.4198 SDK. I am trying to use HLAPI Redirection with TLS to remotely install another OS using a web interface. I was able to sucessfully change the HLAPIVariables.TempFilesDirectory so that temporary files are created in a directory the site has write access to. This is essential since the application running the actual code is IIS. This works fine and the MC.ini file created by the RedirectionImpl class is created in the temporary directory I created. However the imrsdk dll also creates some temporary files, a log file and a client.db file. These files ignore the HLAPIVariables.TempFilesDirectory and write to the startup path, which is a protected system folder where IIS is located.

I was able to get my system working giving IIS write access to its folder, but I would rather not do this. Is there a way to change where the imrdsk library writes its temporary files?

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Hi Fabio,

You can change the settings in mc.ini to disable storage and details below

Make storage as 0
Indicates the level of debug message logging. The default value is ‘0’.

The possible values are:

•     0: silent – no messages will be logged.

•     1: errors – only error messages will be logged.

•     2: verbose – errors, warnings and debug messages will be logged.

A value of ‘0’ means the library will not use a file for storing client information between library initializations. A non-zero value will cause the library to use the client storage feature. The default value is ‘1’.

Allows selection of the default IP version used by the library to connect to an operating system socket.

•     4 – IPv4

•     6 – IPv6

The library will try to connect using the selected value and then by the other value. If the key is not included in the ini file, the default value is IPv4.



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