Intel QST SDK download links

Intel QST SDK download links


I was trying to download the Intel Quiet System Technology Software Development Kit from this page:
However, both the links for the SDK and the reference manual in the article seem to be dead...

I am working to add temperature and fan speed controlling to VxWorks 6.8, to be able to periodically check the fan speeds to remotely verify that the fans are not broken and if possible also to reduce the noise of the system fans in our embedded hardware by setting up QST and not let the fans run always at full speed. I found a mirror (almost) of the code in SDK on GitHub:
The original files were checked in two years ago, so it might be already the version 2.1 of the SDK.

I acquired all the relevant files for the DOS driver and ported them to VxWorks 6.8 environment. So far I was able to run the BusTest program (included in the SDK) on our older embedded PC which uses a Q35 MEI (device ID 0x29B4). It detected an SST device at the address 0x20, so I will be able to test further with this hardware. However, I also tried to run it on our new embedded PC hardware (Lynx Point, device ID 0x8C3A) after adding the new device ID to the list of supported ones in the code. Unfortunately, there was never a reply from any of the tested SST device addresses. Is there a newer version of the SDK available that officially supports the later MEI devices?

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Sorry about that... I just submitted a ticket to get them fixed.  I'll let you know when it is working.

I will also check to see if there is a newer version of the SDK.

Hello Philipp - the links have been fixed.

Hi Philipp,

I am told that there is not a newer SDK (2.1) and the fan control feature was dropped from the chipset after 5 Series. For 6 and later Series Intel Desktop Boards, SIO devices are used for fan control.


Hello Gael

Thank you for fixing the links, I was able to download both files now. I managed to display the temperatures and the fan speeds in the VxWorks console using the old hardware. However, as we want this feature primarily for the new hardware, I will need to find out what Super I/O device is used on that particular mainboard and how to access it (SIO does stand for Super I/O, right?).

Best regards, Philipp

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