Preloaded *3rd Party Data Storage* (3PDS) in my AMT device

Preloaded *3rd Party Data Storage* (3PDS) in my AMT device

In my AMT device I've found this preloaded 3PDS:

  • venAltiris (appAltiris)
  • venBMC (Marimba)
  • venCA (Unicenter)
  • venCheckPoint (Integrity)
  • venIBM (appIBM)
  • venLANDesk (Management Suite)
  • venNovell (appNovell)
  • venStarSoftComm (appStarSoftComm)
  • venSymantec (SymantecApp)
  • venTrendMicro (appTrendMicro)

My motherboard is a Supermicro motherboard. I wonder why AMT in my MB is shipped with these preloaded 3PDS applications.

Moreover I would like to know why:

- After Full Unprovisioning, 3PDS applications are not deleted.
- If is it safe to manually delete this applications (that I don't use)
- If is it possible to backup 3PDS (and how)

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There is a nice section about this in the SDK Implementation and Reference guide:

Before you can use 3PDS, you need to first add your enterprise vendor name, register your application, allocate block and then write to that block. So we chose to add enterprise vendor names for our preferred partners in the FW by default and for these vendors all of the storage is allocated from the partner area.

These entries can be removed programmatically and you can also change their properties to limit the amount of storage allowed for these vendors.

I hope this helps,



Ok, so this means that is safe to remove them?

Yes - it is safe to remove them.

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