How to get vPro / AMT e-mail alerts?

How to get vPro / AMT e-mail alerts?


All these years I always hear how wonderful vPro / AMT is. Now as a small business customers I am looking for a simple way to receive e-mail alerts, e.g. as soon as a system fan of an vPro PC or AMT enabled server fails. So far I have not found any such program. Is their any such software available without having to spend a lot of money for some overkill enterprise monitoring solution?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello Anguel,

AMT does support subscribing to specific events: From the SDK Documentation:

While we have tools available that allow you to do basic management activities with an Intel AMT Client, these tools do not support event subscription/actions (for example sending an email if a certain event occurs.)  In order to get that capability, you have two choices.  

1.  You can download the Software Development Kit and write your own management console that implements event trapping or

2.  You can purchase a 3rd party Management Console that provides this capability for you.

Intel AMT SDK:

Open Manageability Developer's Tool Kit:

If you are inclined to write your own functionality, the Open DTK provides source code as well as the binary to run the management console.




Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately, this shows clearly that Intel just does not care about small business customers. I can't understand how such a big corporation sells incredible quantities of vPro systems and implements every other unneeded feature but is not able to implement a simple health monitoring e-mail alert service. Or maybe this is done in favor of other big corporations who want to sell their overpriced monitoring solutions...

No, I am not going to write my management console to manage my 10 PCs. IMHO vPro seems to be the most useless technology out there.


Hi. One way Intel helps out in this case is by having engineers work on open source software. You should try, it's remote control and management web site that support Intel AMT. Probably the best feature is that you can install the entire web site on a server and run it for free, you can also using or launch an instance on Amazon AWS. Regardless, works with many types of devices from PC's to Intel Galileo boards.

The site is open source and we are looking for feedback to improve it. If you give it a try, let me know if it works for you.

Hope it helps,

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