AMT ports are closed

AMT ports are closed

Hi.  We have an Intel S1200BT based system and we are unable to access Intel AMT on TCP ports 16992 or 16993.  We're able to access the BMC web interface on port 80, use the Java based remote console (port 7578), perform IPMI requests, and access the SMASH-CLP console, but for some reason AMT seems to have its WS-Management ports disabled?  A basic telnet connection attempt to ports 16992 and 16993 results in "Connection refused".

This system is in a hosted environment and we've never physically seen or configured it.  Is it possible the hosting provider has not configured AMT correctly?  What is required to enable Intel AMT?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi - the system you are referring to is not actually Intel AMT capable.  You can check out

On your question about how to enable AMT - here is the link to the Start Here guide:


See below under Advanced Technology - this is not a vPro system.

Integrated BMC with IPMI


Advanced Technologies

Intel® Remote Management Module Support    No

Intel® Node Manager    No

TPM    Yes

Intel® Advanced Management Technology    No

Intel® Server Customization Technology    Yes

Intel® Build Assurance Technology      Yes

Intel® Quiet Thermal Technology  No


Hi Gael,

Thanks for your feedback.  I had a closer look and the board is an S1200BTL.  I see ARK notes it as not having AMT support, but it does support BMC, IPMI, and RMM4.

So the main reason I was trying to access AMT is to enable the standard VNC service on port 5900 as seen here:

Is there any way to do this without AMT?


Ok - That blog is referring to KVM Remote control which is a feature of Intel AMT and you need specific versions of vnc (and Intel AMT) on your system in order to be able to take advantage of the KVM feature and VNC. But you don't need Intel AMT to open ports on systems. I found a kb article on the realvnc site that might help you:

I hope this helps,



Yea, it's not the port that's the problem, it's the proprietary KVM protocol.  I need to be able to use the KVM facility via the standard VNC protocol (aka RFB).

If that's possible, I'd love to know.  Otherwise thanks anyway. :)


You can't use the KVM feature without AMT support - your system does not have AMT. 

We can and do use KVM.  It's accessible with a Java applet from the BMC's web interface.  Unfortunately the Java applet is unstable though, so we're trying to get standard VNC enabled.


You can always use a Hardware based KVM - but if you want to use the KVM Remote Control feature that is part of vPro/AMT - your system must be an AMT capable system (that also supports KVM.)  Maybe I'm not understanding your question?

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