Where to get CA plugin option?

Where to get CA plugin option?

Brand new install of Intel SCS v9.0.23.10 in non-database mode. Need to do zero touch to a lot of far away AMT v9.0 clients.

After launching the Intel SCS console and stepping through the configuration profile wizard to "Transport Layer Security", a little blue "i" says:

"The CA plugin option is not available because a CA plugin was not loaded"

Where is this CA plugin option so a certificate can be purchased and used?

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I would suggest posting your question at the following support site:  https://bizsupport.intel.com/

I had already posted there with no reply.

Ok - I have no idea about SCS issues such as this (yet).  I have pinged my contact to see about getting your question answered. Did you go out to the site to look at your issues to make sure it is there and to see if anyone responded?  I entered an issue there and did not get an email when there was a response.

We have responded and will be working on this thru the https://bizsupport.intel.com/ portal

Anyone succeeded in downloading Intel CA Plugin

There is no actual plugin for the CA (Certificate Authority), the issue is that the tool is not finding the CA in your network.

You can get further assistance with SCS at the following support site:  https://bizsupport.intel.com/

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