intel AMT vPro KVM is working superbly, except in sleep-to-wake cycle

intel AMT vPro KVM is working superbly, except in sleep-to-wake cycle

Hi All, i'm not yet developing into AMT, but just playing around AMT configuration of my simple system.i have these working properly now:

home PC --> router --> ADSL modem --> physical phone line --> internet <--office network <-- office PC

i don't have TLS so in RealVNC+ i'm just using no encryption. port 9 is open for Wake-On-LAN via internet, ports 16992-16995 is open too. all those ports are open in win7 firewall as well. the router is configured as an AccessPoint so I port forward those ports to the PC with AMT (let's say it is I have also made the .100 PC DMZ'ed. The ADSL also port forwards all those ports to the .100 PC. the ADSL is configured to give static DHCP .100 to a specified MAC address (which is the same .100 PC). my AMT config is shared with host, wait 3mins before power down, set for On in S0, ME Wake in S3, S4-5.

so, everything is working with RealVNC+ in the office. I can power up remotely using WOL via internet magic packets sent to MAC address in my FQDN. i know it is on, because i can see the MEBx webUI of my FQDN:16992. I can connect to my Home PC with KVM, power it down, power it on again without problems. I know the home PC is powering down/up because I can see my personal website (I had IIS configured to display simple html) or not see the webpage (as the case maybe when i turn it off via KVM)

the problem begins when during KVM i decide to make the home PC sleep (S3/S4/S5). I check my website and indeed it is down. so i send WOL magic packet and in a few minutes, I can see my website back up again. however, MEBx port is closed. I can tell because FQDN:16992 is unreachable. How can this be? my PC is on but MEBx is off? how come shutdown/power up is ok? Is there anyone who knows about a solution for this? anyone who has the same set up as mine can try and confirm SLEEP to WAKE is problematic?

i'm using IMB-850-L motherboard by Asrock (it is Q87), running latest drivers, AMT 9.0. I have a FSP power supply (Raider 550W 80+ bronze) that supports i7 socket 1150 S6/S7 sleep state if that could be a problem?

right now i can live with not using sleep (costs money anyway, however small) :D   but it just bugs me that I could hit that sleep in different places in win7 that I could not recover from :( remotely speaking, that is.

thanks  for any information

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What power mode for sleep states do you have set in the MEBx Menu settings?

Also, along with Colleen's question, can you log on to AMT via the WebUI after you have put your system to sleep?  You should always be able to ping the ME regardless of what state the system is in unless your power setting are set to shut the ME off when the system is sleeping or off.

If your Power settings are set up correctly and it still doesn't work, how is the network on your AMT System configured?  Dynamic or Static IP?  For the Host to use the same IP address as the ME, you need to make sure it is not using Static IP addresses.


Thanks, I didn't expect replies to be so quick :) in answer to both:

i remember only 2 power settings to choose from -- On in S0 and On in S0, ME wake in S4-S5. The latter one is what I set it to. wait! in ACU_Wizard, i see the power settings and it is Always on (S0-S5)... is this it?

after waking up from sleep, i can no longer get into FQDN:16992 webUI. I also don't get the WebUI if home PC is in sleep. for the "...unless your power setting are set to shut the ME off when the system is sleeping or off." bit, i don't know which setting is used for this. but the closest setting i see is "ME will go to low power state" -- set to 3 min timeout. maybe i should set this to 65535 ?

i remember putting same IP address (.100) inside bios MEBx menu. I put it in explicitly and not using DHCP (including the FQDN). i'll try using DHCP then, but it'll try and get IP from my ADSL DHCP (i set it to configure MAC address to give it .100 PC). Is the point: I should just let MEBx get DHCP IP addresses and set it to use same as host setting? now in webUI, I see there is already set IP addresses and stuff so I'll change that to use DHCP. I also see the respond to ping requests checked

I'll need a reboot and tell on my results. Meanwhile I don't get it why MEBx can use the same name as host but has to get different IP address using DHCP...can't I just tell my DHCP server "Hey, this MAC is for host, this MAC is for MEBx, give these set addresses to each of 'em", that still fits the requirements doesn't it? it looks like it's getting from DHCP but actually, it's getting static IP hehehe. Anyway, very thankful i have lots to work out on this and your hints are giving me hopes ;)

Please see the DHCP vs static (and it matters wired or wireless) at

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