AMT CLIENT/DRIVER fails - error (0x13EC) vcredist.exe

AMT CLIENT/DRIVER fails - error (0x13EC) vcredist.exe

Hi All,



Have come across a very frustrating problem with out AMT 8.x systems where the install fails due to the installed version of C++  2010 Redistributable either being a later or equal version to the one that the AMT install package is trying to install. It appears that the installer does not check that C++ is installed or even the version and just dumbly starts the install every time resulting in the error (0x13EC) as the logs show below. The only workaround I have found is to uninstall the current version using a batch file then let the AMT package install it again however that has it own set of issues due to SCCM having a dependence on the same version of C++.



This issue is holding up the entire roll-out and I am struggling to believe others have not experienced similar issues however aside from a few minor mentions there is nothing out there.








Executing 'C:\WINDOWS\ccmcache\s\DAL\vcredist_x86.exe /q'

Flags: Wait=yes Hidden=no

!   Process returned 0x13EC

IIF will NOT initiate reboot

Exit code = 0x13EC

ResultCode = 5100






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Could you clarify what OS (and SP level) you're using?

Hi Colleen. 

The fleet is running Windows 7 Professional SP1. 


I've forwarded your question into our vPro specialists. I'll let you know what I hear back.

Thanks, I look forward to their comments. 

I'm sorry but I still don't have an answer for you on this specific version of AMT.  However our 10.x firmware is backward compatible thru 8.x so that you could use it on all systems that had 8.0 or newer. Can you give it a try and see if your issue is resolved, please?

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